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“Email Expiration Date”

This project is based on the idea of reducing the carbon footprint of the email marketing industry. While the simplest and most effective methods are to reduce the volume of emails sent and to lighten their weight, it is interesting to note that billions of commercial emails are stored indefinitely in data centers around the world. This project aims to reduce the increase in the volume of these messages stored for nothing.

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Provide senders of commercial emails with the means to specify an expiration date for their messages. This will make it easier for webmails and ISPs to design tools to (semi)automatically delete these emails.

Email expiration dates, results of the first exchanges

At the end of March, I published a proposal to reduce the environmental impact of the almost indefinite storage of most emails. The proposal: to add an expiration date to some types of emails (mainly commercial), so that they can be deleted almost automatically. This...

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The main difficulty with an initiative like this is adoption. The 3 actors in the chain must all move forward together. That’s why it’s crucial to gather support, to prove to everyone that it’s worth the time and effort.

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