Argumentation for advertisers

On this page you will find examples of messages to adapt in order to propose advertisers to participate in the project. For a more global argumentation, please see the ” Argumentation” page.

Do not hesitate to contact us to propose improved or corrected versions.

Very short message


I am contacting you as part of an initiative to reduce the ecological footprint of email by adding an expiration date.

For now, our goal is to get “visible” support. Would you be willing to take the initiative within your company?

First name

Short message


I’m contacting you because I’m involved in an initiative to reduce the ecological footprint of email.

The idea is simple: add an expiration date to commercial emails so that webmails/ISPs can easily delete them.

It is known that most of the commercial emails received become obsolete after a few days and that very few recipients clean their mailboxes. This means that hundreds of terabytes are accumulated every day for nothing. Thousands of hard drives and servers running to store emails that will never be read again.

In practice, this means that advertisers would add (automatically or manually) an expiration date when setting up their email campaigns. Webmails, ISPs and other email clients could then retrieve this date and create tools to clean up the recipients’ email boxes.

Today, our main goal is to get advertiser support to prove to the email ecosystem that there is interest in the principle.

Would you be willing to give some of your time to discuss this initiative?

Thanks in advance

Long message

To be defined.